6 tips before packing a hammock for camping

6 Tips Before Packing A Hammock For Camping

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It all starts with proper planning to avoid missing out on the experience. So we wrote you 6 very simple tips for going camping with a hammock.


An essential and basic first step is to choose the right hammock for your needs.
As such, it should be designed and adapted to camping conditions in its structure, its comfort, its light weight, and most importantly (and this concerns any hammock) its comfort level.
These are usually folding hammocks, made of modern fabrics which together shrink into a small bag or carrier until next time …

Here are 6 hammocks for camping with the best recommendations from thousands of different models


Hammock simplicity is in its engineering structure. At the end is a piece of cloth that hangs between two points.
Therefore, the quality of the straps and other accessories should be checked in advance for hanging on trees or any other point. Be sure to choose ultra-durable straps made from materials that combine many, dense seams. Check that the accessories and racks, are high quality and resistant to moisture and moisture.

We tried several bands in the past, we were very pleased with this model


Although you will not encounter mosquitoes at any camping site, but because of the weight and size of the mosquito net (especially when folded and collapsed), it becomes an integral part of our hammock kit. Believe me, mosquitoes can ruin any good camping experience, especially if they also don’t let you sleep…


If you are planning camping during a cold weather period, take a warm recommendation 🙂 – blanket or warming cloth that can be deployed on the hammock under your body.

And if already and in the same situation, take a blanket with you to cover it


A pillow is a very individual matter. There are some who can’t fall asleep without, and some with a hammock just don’t feel the need… At your discretion


Last point, if you have the option of taking additional sets of hanging straps and accessories, consider. Nature does not ask us where to place the trees and so we do not always find two trees in the exact location .

Sometimes we have to improvise…

Reminder, go camping after checking yourself in with a checklist.
Most disappointing to find that you are missing something when you are already there.

We recommend creating a regular checklist that can be updated from time to time.

We are using Google Keep but there are similar apps for that.

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